Raise the woof!

We use a lot of praise, positive reinforcement, and tiny treats to encourage fun expressions. Your pet does not have to be "well trained"!

Pet Portraits in our Belmar Photography Studio

Studio Pet Photo Pricing

Full Session


60 minutes, includes 5 digital images of your choice. Additional images & prints are available.

Mini- Session


Themed portraits that sell out fast! Seasonal sets include Fall, Holidays, Valentine's, and Birthdays.

Howl You Doin'?

We are looking for awesome dogs!

Send us a bark bark via email, hello@hellodanesphotography.com or fill out this simple contact form. We'll be in touch asap!


What is included?

Full sessions are 60 minutes long and include your session, editing, a shareable online gallery, and a digital shop with custom Holiday cards, prints, and more!

You will also receive your choice of 5 images in high resolution. Additional images are available for purchase if you are interested. There is never any pressure to buy!

Can us humans be in the photos?

Absolutely! Ask us about what to wear and how to prepare so we can set you up for success!

What if my pet is not well behaved?

We are laughing with you, not at you! Did you know that between the two of us, we have FIVE Great Danes and two little dogs (who rule the roost)? To be perfectly honest here, we know dogs and we know some absolutely nutso ones, too. Don't stress. If your dog failed obedience school, that's ok! We have a few tricks up our sleeve!

Ok, but what if my dog is nervous or aggressive?

Contact us, we may be able to work with you!

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