Pet Models Wanted

Be the next big thing

Your pet can be a paid model for Hello Danes Photography!

Read below for more information and to see our talent application.

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I. Lakewood, CO

Our models must live within reasonable driving distance of our studio in Lakewood, CO, and be able to participate in photo sessions during working hours (M-F daytime).

II. Smart & Trained

Pet models should be well trained and know the basics of sit, down, and stay. Bonus points for pets that know tricks! Pets should be comfortable with humans (non reactive or fearful) and comfortable with flash photography.

III. Well Groomed

We require that our pet models are up do date on veterinary care and well cared for. This means being well groomed, healthy, and full of life!


Diversity is key

We are interested in all breeds, including mixed breed dogs. There are even times when we need dogs who are missing legs, elderly, or in a wheelchair!

No pet is excluded; we are seeking diversity in all forms.

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What's the catch?

We've all seen those scammy photography ads that offer 'free photos' for models (what they are really doing is getting you in the door so they can upsell to you).

That is NOT what this is. We specialize in studio & lifestyle images for pet brands to use in their marketing. Our pet models are paid actors!

Will I be Paid

Yes! In many cases, hourly compensation is offered (typically $25-$35/hour depending on the brands budget). For some gigs, product compensation or free pet photos ($50-$500 value) are offered.

We are very clear about compensation prior to booking.

Am I guaranteed to be booked?

Unfortunately, no. The brands we work with are often looking for something specific; you cannot be hired if you don't apply, though!

How well groomed does my pet need to be?

We understand pets are going to do pet things, and we love and welcome that! Can your pet be bathed, brushed, and have their nails trimmed prior to the photoshoot? Perfect!

Will the brand tag my social?

We are not an influencer talent agency. Pet brands come to us for professional lifestyle and product photography, not influencer collabs.

If you are looking to build brand relationships for your own platform, we recommend working with a social talent agency.