We know pets.

Many companies offer custom images for e-commerce, marketing, and social media. Few specialize solely in pets.

We create beautiful studio & lifestyle photos specifically for brands in the $261 billion dollar pet industry.

Is your marketing team:

  • In need of fresh content?
  • Tired of paying for so-so images?
  • Looking to work with pet-focused creators that have over a decade of experience in photography, influencing, marketing, and media?



Reach out to us and we'll help you design & style a pet photoshoot that meets your budget, creative, and marketing needs.

II. Send Product

Mail your product to us in Denver, CO and we will get you on the schedule! You'll choose your dog model(s), too.

III. Marketing?GO!

We will edit and deliver your images in an online gallery. Choose and purchase only your favorites.


We have amazing pets ranging from show dogs to rescues. When you work with us, we'll help you choose the best ones for your shoot.

Our Dog Models Raise the Woof.

A Few Pup-ular Ideas:

Pet Brand Photos Pricing

Per Image


Purchase only the images that you like. The base price is just $49/per photo, and you can download your high resolution purchase immediately. Add-ons (such as themes, composites, enhanced editing, graphics, and more are available for an additional fee).



Dog models are $99 per hour (each), and you can choose from a portfolio of trained pets that we love to work with.

Most brand shoots are 1-2 hours.

Human models are available for $149 per hour, 2-hour minimum)

Themes & Styling


Need something more than a simple image of a dog with your product? We can help with that! From $175

Packages & Memberships

Contact Us

Packages and ongoing memberships are available at discounted rates. Contact us for sales information.

Start the Conversation

Tell us about your brand and what your marketing team is looking for!


Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! We find that our focus solely on pet brands allows us to shine in the media & content marketing industry. Providing your brand with images that speak is important to us.

Do You offer GIFS?

Yes! We offer GIFS for $59 each.

Can you do video?

We are actively building our video portfolio. Please chat with us about your needs!

Can we have our product back?

Yes! Please provide us with a prepaid label when you ship your products to us. Once your shoot has been completed, we will ship it back to you.

If you don't wish to have it back, we are always happy to donate the product to a local rescue organization or shelter (and tag your brand in our social media story!).

What about horses

Yes! We have access to a beautiful natural Colorado Foothills open space and a historic equestrian center. Many boarders there are models for us.

A horse + human model/handler is $499 for two hours.

Can you make photos for Amazon?

Yes. Amazon and other ecommerce platforms have specific requirements, which we follow when you need basic product images.

What image rights do we receive?

Images purchased at the $59 price can be used for marketing purposes including (but not limited to): social media, websites, emails, digital graphics, and loose printed materials.

We retain the original copyright to the images and thus, they cannot be resold, entered into contests, or displayed as the artistic work of another artist. For ongoing usage on product packages, large billboards/signage, or for full licensing with no limits, contact us for rates.


This is a major issue of importance to us. All pet models are treated humanely and with respect!

In addition, we require our pet models to be under the care of a veterinarian, in excellent health, well cared for, and well groomed (no matting or parasites, trimmed nails, clean ears and teeth).

We use a lot of treats, praise, and play for a fun experience and will always prioritize ethics, health, and safety over getting "the perfect" image.

If you look at our portfolio, you will never see a stressed animal (ears pinned, whale eye, scared). This is not just for aesthetic and branding reasons (we all know happy pets sell products); it's because we care deeply about the animals in our studio.

If they aren't having fun, we're not taking their photo. Period.

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