We take animal welfare and ethics seriously.

You will not see stressed animals in our photos, because we refuse to stress a pet model out to "get the shot".


Belong on the cover of Vanity-Fur!

We dedicate a lot of time to sourcing pet models that are well cared for, ethically handled, and loved first and foremost as pets! Many of our pet models are active in show, sport, and influencing. They know and love the spotlight.


“If the pet models are stressed, the final image won't effectively promote the product, anyways. Happy, ethically treated, and well cared for animals are a key (and often overlooked) element of good brand photography.”


How are pet models rewarded?

A. We use a lot of positive reinforcement in the form of treats, praise, and play to ensure that all models have fun and enjoy the experience.

We have fun, too! Many of our models come in with owners & handlers who are heavily involved in veterinary medicine and professional dog sports.

How are pet models kept safe?

A. We have strict policies in our model contracts about health, grooming, and veterinary care.

Additionally, we use best practices both in and out of our studio for safety. Rubber floor mats, quality slip leashes, freshly cleaned water bowls, and cozy orthopedic pet beds are just some of the amenities our pet models enjoy while visiting our studio.