End of Life Pet Photos in Denver, Colorado

September 8, 2023 Rainbow Bridge, Pets, Our Studio

End of Life Photos

To some, this concept seems foreign. Why would we want photos of our pet when they are frail, sick, or old? The truth is that end of life photos are more than just portraits.

When we meet with a family to photograph them with their beloved pet for the last time, we see it as a celebration.

“End of life pet portraits are a cathartic celebration of a pet that has loved you unconditionally.”

Rainbow Bridge Pet Photography in Colorado

We offer Rainbow Bridge pet photography in Colorado. Our service area includes Denver Metro/West stretching from Highlands Ranch to Westminster.

Pet photo sessions can be offered on an emergent basis on location (your home) or in our beautiful studio in Belmar.

It doesn't matter if your pet is still mobile and active, or in the final hours: we can work with you.

Come as You Are

When walking pet parents through the process of celebrating their beloved dog or cat before they cross the Rainbow Bridge, we encourage a "come as you are" mantra.

These sessions are not meant to be glamour shots. There may be tears, laughter, and even anger. As the paw-rent, you may have no desire to wear anything other than sweat pants and a t-shirt while you mourn and celebrate the final days. Your pet may have lumps, bumps, and cloudy eyes.

That's ok. Come as you are. Your pet should, too.

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