Behind the Scenes with Pet Photography

September 11, 2023 Our Studio, Tips & Training

How Do We Take Photos of Crazy Pets?

We've rarely met a pet that was impeccably well behaved, and honestly? We like it that way!

All pets are unique and different. Many people are concerned that their pet isn't well trained enough for portraits, and to that we say "oh stop it".

Does your pet like treats? What about squeaky sounds? Can the be on a leash?

“You'll find that we love your pets, just the way they are...”

Positive Reinforcement Rules

We always start by being calm and indifferent towards your pet. If you are ok with it, we will offer small treats which indicate to your pet that good things come from us!

With time and patience, most pets figure out pretty quickly that they are rewarded a LOT for checking out the set where we take photos. Once we have their attention, even for a moment, we've got our first photo.

“We would be lying if we told you that the behind the scenes was always calm, beautiful, and perfect!”

Magic Tricks & Our Favorite Tool, Photoshop

Some dogs are just too amped up to stay on our set for more than half a second.

(Um, hello puppies, hahah).

For those dogs, we use simple slip leads and lots of fun to encourage them to stick around. Then we use Photoshop to remove the evidence!

What Do The Sets Look Like?

For regular portrait sessions, we are often working with solid color paper backdrops (that you as the paw-rent get to help choose!). Our lighting setup includes two large umbrella lights that most dogs are not bothered by at all.

Our Mini-Sessions are themed (see current offerings here) and often include a huge amount of props, textures, colors, and furniture. Most dogs actually find these sets feel more familiar than the paper backdrops, as the things surrounding them feel like home.

We take all studio photos in Lakewood, CO at our location in the Belmar Arts District.

It's not always pretty...

Look at this mess! Dogs and props were everywhere, but all of us had so much fun!

See the "after" image below.

The Team



Natalie is a photographer, social media expert, and Queen of digital marketing. She has 3 Great Danes and a small chihuahua mix.



Chris is a photographer, marketing expert, and symphony musician. She has 2 Great Danes and a Jack Russel Terrier.

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